Maja's Featured Videos

Enjoy a taste of what's been growing in Maja's garden of consciousness, creativity, and connection. Watch in full screen for maximal enjoyment.

Rasa Harp at Black Mountain

Enjoy a musical meditation with the spontaneous sounds of Maja's Rasa harp. What felt experience does it invoke or invite you into?

The Sculptor and the Stone

A nondual bedtime story, for the magical child in all of us. Written in 2003, and performed here in 2011, this is Maja's most widely shared rhyme.

Who Are You? Rap

Donning her alter-self The Premanator, Maja shares her playful and profound insight into the perennial question "Who Am I?"

On Growing Community

At the Science and Nonduality conference in 2016 Maja reverse-engineered how a community of conscious grows from a core inspiration.