Embodying Our Essence by Maja Apolonia Rodé

Embodying Our Essence

with Roma Hammel & Maja Apolonia Rodé
Enter Transformative Depths in Sacred Heart Space

9 monthly online sessions: Sep 2020 - May 2010
Noon-1pm Pacific Time (find your time)

Graceful Stillness Breathing

Enjoy a quiet 14-minute journey into "the stillness that feels like grace." This spontaneous music and guided meditation is a gentle, heartfelt invitation to join our unfolding journey of embodying our essence. Watch in full screen to support your quiet focus.

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Quiet Presence Abiding
Sunday, September 27, 2020, Noon-1pm Pacific Time.
Online via Zoom

Experience how embodying even just this one facet of Essence, Quiet Presence Abiding, offers healing and harmonization for ourselves, each other, and our Earth.
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About the Full Series

Embodying our spiritual essence is healing and harmonizing for us, others, and this Earth. Weaving Realization Process meditations with original poetry, songs, and zither music, Roma Hammel and  Maja Apolonia Rodé call heartful mystics and meditators to sense and embody emerging facets of our Spiritual Essence. Discover for yourself how each facet of Essence deepens you as it awakens our primordial interconnectededness.

Plumb the Depths of Human Consciousness

In the sacred space of our hearts, each shimmering facet of Essence illuminates pathways that quiet our minds, heal our bodies, and allow our hearts to flower. Embodying our essence, we feel vibrantly alive, substantive and secure, and intimately responsive to the world around us. Embodying our essence, we experience a humbling imperative to live in right relationship with ourselves, each other, and our Earth.

Join us for this 9-month series as we plumb the depths of human consciousness, exploring how meditation, poetry, and music open doorways to our True Nature.

We will explore:
  • Sep 27 Quiet Presence Abiding
  • Oct 25 One Heart Breathing
  • Nov 29   Earth Energy Dancing
  • Dec 27 Whole Body Knowing
2021 Dates: Jan 31, Feb 28, Mar 28, April 25, May 30
Themes in 2021 will emerge from our collective unfolding.

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Hi, I’m Roma Hammel, a nondual embodiment wisdom teacher. Creating this Sunday series with Maja has truly been synergistic! Similar to Indra’s net of jewels, in which each jewel is also reflecting all the others, embodying each facet of Essence offers healing and harmonization for each of us, each other, and our Earth! I look forward to connecting with you. [Roma’s story]
A glimpse of Roma’s musings on radical self-transformation:  I share these heartfelt thoughts in response to current societal and global challenges, including systemic racial injustice, economic inequities, climate change, and our global pandemic. . . [read more...]

Hello, I’m Maja Apolonia Rodé, PhD,
Inner Wisdom Alchemist. It’s a deep honor and delight to co-create this series with Roma, and I look forward to the inspirations and insights that emerge when you join our gathering of Presence! I offer unique, intuitive one-on-one sessions that help you access hidden inner wisdom and unfold your life purpose. For an introductory meeting, contact me here.
Enjoy a taste of Maja’s creative offerings including original poetry, evocative, spontaneous zither music, reflections on growing a community of consciousness, and more.

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Offering healing and harmonization for ourselves, others, and our Earth.

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